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The first official games day was an awesome success.  I think I set a new personal record for games played in a 10 hour period.  I also met some new people and got to see some old ones (along with some excellent family time), played some new games and was soundly flogged at Frag by a girl.... Thanks Anna!
(Although I would like to point out my train building prowess knows no bounds thanks to ticket to ride)

I have also come to the conclusion after 2 games of Catan that I am absolutely rubbish at rolling a six, (Maybe I'll steer clear of the dice games for a while) although if you ever need a 3 I'm your man.

I have added a new tab today that is just for pictures from games days so have a look and see who's winning and losing.  We had some camera issues so they are not the best quality but that will change as we get it fixed for next time.
We also got some new games before the day actually arrived and I will add them soon to the collection page and the list is nearly finished. We have over 100 games in our collection and thanks to this game day I have managed to have caught up on trying all bar 4 of them.  (All I have to do now is win a game of all of them, but lets not set that bar too high hey!)  I have also decided to invest in copies of the Dominion expansions as after several outstanding games of it (and Ben most resolutely reminding me how AWESOME the game is) I think is is one of the best games in our collection and should definitely be supported and added to.

We have continued in our plans of further game days on the first Saturday of each month and are announcing that we are definitely going ahead with April and May so far.

  Hopefully by then I will be over my allergy of sixes.

See you all at Easter for a game and seafood...  I am not a shrimp, I am a KING PRAWN!!

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